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invests in people by inspiring, going alongside and empowering them.

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Investing in education, empowering students and foster them into independence

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Agriculture studies for a sustainable economy

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Our three pillars of hope

Basic Life needs

One way we help people is through developing and providing methods for better access to basic life needs like clean water, healthy food and health care.

Community Development

Our aim is to assist poor communities further their development through partnerships, key projects, and volunteering opportunities.


Education is one of our key focuses as we educate children in our primary school and have trained thousands of people in the areas of technical skills, agriculture, personal health care, and leadership development.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Extending Hope offers practical training in improved agricultural methods, provides teachings on how to start and run small-scale businesses, offers formal training for teachers, encourages and implements community led health care centers.

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Practical Skills are needed in the area of agricultural specialists, health care workers, teachers, photographers, youth and sports leaders, handcrafts (sewing, etc), and accounting.


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We are always looking to expand our network in Switzerland and Malawi to have more helping hands. Contact us to let us know how you want to get involved. Find out more about our current opportunities here!


Extending Hope has already been able to help hundreds of adults and kids in Malawi through education and the covering of basic needs. Here a few feedbacks from our partners in Malawi and around the world. The Extending Hope Organisation likes to thank all its partners for trusting in our mission and looks forward to a prosperous future.

Aline Werder

Voluntary Worker in the Clinic

Working in the Extending Hope Clinic in Agabu, I am impressed with how many people we are able to help with so few medical resources.

Emilia Moser

4 month outreach at the community clinic in Agabu

It touches my heart, that the people in the country side of Agabu never complain, despite the fact that they have almost nothing. They seem very happy and the kids are always laughing. The pregnant women who visit our clinic are very brave, they deliver their children without advanced medical technology or pain relief. Even then they do not groan with pain.