Do you want to help Extending Hope?

Join us and be part of something big!

Come, see and experience 

Every year we organize trips to Malawi for interested people to see and take part in the projects. There is also time to experience the beauty of the country.

Practical Skills needed to bring Malawi out of poverty:

  • Agricultural Specialist

  • Health Care Professionals

  • Teachers

  • Photographers

  • Youth and Sports Leaders

  • Handcrafts (sewing and others... )

  • Accounting

  • Business Development Specialists

  • Community Assistant

Looking for an Interesting Internship?

Come spend 2 weeks, 3 or 6 months with our team in Malawi and put your skills to the test!

Currently we are working together with multiple International Universities through our credible internship programs.

You can extend hope to the community through the following internship programs:

  • Education

  • Health Care

  • Agriculture

  • Business development

  • Youth Ministry & Sports ( Jugend und Sport)

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Come to malawi
Planning your Trip

Every year we welcome teams to join our organisation and partners in Malawi to take part in our current projects. Teams are selected from our application process which includes a motivational letter, application, and an interview with the Extending Hope team.

We look forward to helping you plan your trip. Please reach out to us by email for more information and to receive our application documents.

- What to expect during your trip
- Two preparation Saturdays
- Teachings in the area of Education,
Agriculture, Biogas,
- Micro Business, and HealthExperiencing the Malawi culture
- Opportunity to hand on your practical skills

Don't worry your trip doesn't need to be all work and no play.
- Enjoying the beach and the lake of Malawi.
- Local Community Dinners.
- Take time to experience the beauty of the country.
- Participate in games and other free time activities.